Whether it’s a basic information site to show off your products and/or services or a full blown eCommerce online shop with online card payments the ethos of Fluffy Media is the same.

  • Style - all our sites are designed to be different, the World Wide Web is a big place and it’s important to stand out so all our sites have unique design elements employing the latest CSS3 and HTML5 styling techniques
  • Self-Sufficiency - you don’t want to have to come back over and again for changes, so all our sites are designed to be maintained by the owners not by us, WordPress and OpenCart are ideal platforms to build modern sylish websites that are easy and intuitive to maintain
  • Compatibility - all our sites are designed to be as compatible as possible (no Flash) and are tested for viewing on PC Mac and mobile devices with all the browsers we can lay our hands on
  • Honest Open and Transparent¬†- we have no intention to blind anyone with science, we didn’t invent the web and won’t act (or charge) like we did, WordPress is free, OpenCart is free you’re not paying for creation you’re paying for customisation

email info@fluffy-media.com for more details